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Dottie Yahraus


Dottie has been a long-time resident of Bryan, spending most of her childhood here, and she and her husband Dan have raised their 2 daughters here.

She now has one son-in-law, is soon to have another and has a beautiful grandchild. She's a member of the Bryan Church of Christ, and she's been a fixture at Bill's since she purchased it in February of 1997.


Greg Johnson

School + Corporate Salesman

Greg has been with Bill's Locker Room 3 since 2010 as one of our amazing School and Corporate Salesmen.

Greg can be found at Fairview sporting events, or looking for antiques with his lovely wife Lori. They enjoy visiting with their kids and grandkids.

Greg is a member of the Ney United Methodist Church and a die-hard Cleveland Indians fan. (Don't mention the WS or the 2017 NCLS!)


Ryan Jinks

School + Corporate Salesman

Ryan has been with Bill's Locker Room 3 since 2002 as one of our amazing Team and Corporate Salesmen.

He resides in Bryan and enjoys spending time with his family and eight (yes, you read that right EIGHT) kids.

He is a long-time supporter of all Cleveland sports teams, whether it's been decades since they won or not.


Jimmy Garza

Montpelier Store Manager

Jimmy has been with Bill's Locker Room 3 since the Montpelier location opened. Overseeing the entire store and production in downtown Montpelier, Jimmy loves BLR3 and the locals he gets to help.

Holly Clark

Floor Sales Manager

Holly oversees the floor and all its functions while leading a team of passionate individuals that make up the BLR3 staff.

Madisyn Fry

Sales Representative

Madisyn joined the team in 2018 and has enjoyed the creativity in the work she does.

Sydney Davis

Sales Representative

For over a year and a half Sydney has been apart of the team here at BLR3. We love her enthusiasm and her passion for designing, and customer service.